Earth Sea & Sky - Days 36 - 43

Earth Sea & Sky - Days 36 - 43

Welcome to the #100dayproject 2021! This year's theme for my 100 days of original illustrations is Earth, Sea, and Sky. I will be making new illustrations each month and releasing them at the end of each month for sale. The days for the month of May and include:


36-Eta Aquarids

37-Leaning Trees

38-Scattered Showers

39-Silver Sliver

40-Electric Reflections

41-Lunar Eclipse

42-Messier 62 in the Virgo Supercluster

43-Calm Waters


Each original illustration comes matted in a 4by6 archival-quality mat and ready to frame. The illustrations are made of ink, watercolor, or gouache on 110# watercolor paper.  I try my best to capture the colors in photos, but they are even more rich and vibrant in person.