Haunted Garden Collection 2020

Haunted Garden Collection 2020

The Haunted Garden collection is a series of 13 original paintings inspired by the #hauntedgardenartchallenge prompts on Instagram.  They tell a story about a place and time that only exists in my imagination.  These illustrations are made with india ink and vivid watercolor.  It's hard for the photos to really convey just how bright the colors are!  Each illustration is on 110# cold pressed watercolor paper, measuring 6.5 by 8.5 inches.  


I will not be making prints of these original paintings, so be sure to collect your favorite while you can!  


Choose from the following paintings: Greenhouse, Mushrooms and Wildflowers, Beautiful Death, New Life, Animal Visitor, Potted Plants, Vegetables, Night Creatures, Fae, Spirit, Reclaimed by Nature, Grave, and Symmetry.  


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