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Nurtured Indoors - Study 2

Nurtured Indoors - Study 2

During this long period of being shut in, I have tried to stay positive and view this as a time for me to nurture myself and my family.  One of the things I have nurtured is returning to media that I have not had the opportunity to use for many years.  After I started my family, I lacked the time or space to oil paint.  Nurtured Indoors is a small series of houseplants that signal my return to oil painting.  This collection features houseplants in vivid greens and warm sunny orange tones.


Study 2 is a close up of croton plant with brightly colored variegated leaves.  I chose this plant because of the challenge of using complementary colors, red and green, in the same leaves. I absolutely LOVE the result!  Study 2 was painted on a 8 by 10 canvas board and will need a frame to be hung in your home or office.  The lower price is a reflection of the fact that it is painted on canvas board, rather than a stretched canvas.

    $90.00 Regular Price
    $72.00Sale Price
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